Newlon Housing Trust
We were first asked by Newlon to provide advice on a number of their existing buildings, where anti-social behaviour had led to conflicts between the requirements for security and fire safety. We now advise Newlon on the design of their new buildings, ensuring that fire safety and security conflicts are resolved and that fire safety measures do not have an unmanageable maintenance burden.
Great Places Housing Group
Great Places provides 15,000 homes in 30 council areas in the north west of England. Although fire risk assessments had previously been carried-out by other firms, the findings were inconsistent and the recommendations not appropriate. We were therefore asked to re-assess a sample of their properties, in order to provide a balanced and consistent view across a large and diverse housing stock.
Frobisher Crescent, Barbican Estate
Fraigneux's Ian Taylor developed the fire strategy to enable Frobisher Crescent, in London's Barbican Estate, to be converted from office use to 69 luxury apartments. The strategy had to ensure that modern safety standards could be met whilst working within the tight constraints of the listed building's original structure. This project was undertaken when Ian was at Locke Carey.
Moat provides homes for thousands of people in London and the South East. We have undertaken fire risk assessments of hundreds of Moat's premises, including flats, sheltered accommodation and supported housing. By identifying measures which are practicable to implement, in order to provide a satisfactory level of safety, we are able to help Moat to meet their statutory responsibilities.
Steamer Trading
The design of Steamer Trading's new store included a bespoke stair and floor structure, constructed from exposed stainless steel and glass. Subjecting the stair to a fire test was clearly not practicable, so using our structural fire engineering expertise we were able model the performance of the structure in fire, enabling the architect's vision for exposed stainless steel to be realised.


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