Fire Strategy

We provide a complete range of fire and explosion engineering consultancy services. From fire risk assessments of small, simple premises, to full fire engineering strategies for large, complex projects, we have the skills and experience to develop solutions which reflect the needs of the people designing, using and managing the building.

Fire Strategy

New buildings have to comply with the extensive requirements of various building regulations. A fire strategy identifies the key fire safety measures in a building and demonstrates legal compliance. When developing a fire strategy, we use our skill and experience to explore different options, utilising fire engineering techniques when necessary to depart from restrictive building codes.

Fire safety requirements are often in conflict with other factors such as cost, security and management burdens. Our strategies are therefore the product of collaborative working with architects, engineers and clients. This ensures that our fire safety solutions are fully coordinated with other aspect of the design, and that the strategy reflects the needs of the people using and managing the building.


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