Fire Modelling

We provide a complete range of fire and explosion engineering consultancy services. From fire risk assessments of small, simple premises, to full fire engineering strategies for large, complex projects, we have the skills and experience to develop solutions which reflect the needs of the people designing, using and managing the building.

Fire Modelling

Extensive research into the phenomena of fire over the last few decades means we now have a much greater understanding of fire, how it spreads and its effects on people and buildings. By combining this knowledge with advances in computer technology, we are able to apply a number of fire modelling techniques to simulate fires in specific places.

The results of fire models can be used to develop fire safety solutions which differ from traditional, prescriptive approaches, often with substantial financial, efficiency and space savings.

In addition to 3rd party software, we have a suite of in-house models which have been developed for specific purposes. Our software runs on powerful computers, providing quick results and enabling a range of options to be explored simultaneously.


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