Fire Risk Assessment

We provide a complete range of fire and explosion engineering consultancy services. From fire risk assessments of small, simple premises, to full fire engineering strategies for large, complex projects, we have the skills and experience to develop solutions which reflect the needs of the people designing, using and managing the building.

Fire Risk Assessment

Almost all non-domestic premises are legally required to have a fire risk assessment. The purpose of the assessment is simple: to identify the fire precautions required to protect people from fire.

The complexity and extent of a fire risk assessment will vary, depending on your premises and the activities taking-part inside it. We have undertaken assessments thousands of buildings, from simple residential premises to full surveys of complex hospital buildings.

If your fire risk assessment is not suitable, the consequences can vary from providing additional fire safety measures to being prosecuted by the fire authority. On the other hand, we often encounter risk assessments which are too onerous, leading to unnecessary costs.


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