Evacuation Analysis

We provide a complete range of fire and explosion engineering consultancy services. From fire risk assessments of small, simple premises, to full fire engineering strategies for large, complex projects, we have the skills and experience to develop solutions which reflect the needs of the people designing, using and managing the building.

Evacuation Analysis

Traditional approaches to evacuation calculations are simplistic, with many assumptions based on out-dated understanding of human behaviour. Merely following code recommendations can lead to over-provision of exits, many of which are unlikely to actually be used by people in the event of a fire.

Using a variety of calculation and modelling techniques, we are able to analyse a range of evacuation scenarios in your building, with different layouts, occupant characteristics and fire scenarios. We then use these results to ensure that the location and size of exits is optimised for the building and its occupants, often leading to significant space savings and safer buildings compared to traditional designs.


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